Bonelli Olive Oil, Extra Virgin

100% Italian. First cold pressed. A family tradition since 1916. Best in all cooking applications. Bonelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal for salad dressings and it is suitable for all uses in the kitchen whether cooking is required or not, it enriches food without covering its flavor. A cholesterol and sodium free food. Bonelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fine product with a fragrant aroma made from the first cold-pressing of the finest olives. Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most precious ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine, Bonelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil is distinguished by its full flavor, low acidity, and deep greenish-gold color. Thanks to Mediterranean climatic conditions, the fertility of the soil and the hand picked selection of ripe and wholesome olives, this extra virgin olive oil is easy digestible and offers a slightly fruity flavor. Authentic product of Italy. Product of Italy.