Brothers Gold Barbecue Sauce, Gourmet, Texas Mesquite-Flavored

Taste buds don't lie - never have. Never will. Gluten-free. No high fructose corn syrup. Brother Barry, Brother Daryl. The History of our Gold: In 1987 the 3 King Brothers and Daddy King had a little friendly BBQ content. Each was to create a BBQ sauce. After the competition one of the brothers kept making batches of his sauce and giving it away to friends. Almost everyone who tasted it wanted to know if they could get more and told the brother he should sell the sauce if that was the only way they could get it. In fact, to once sauce-addicted friend it lovingly became referred to as The Gold - because he only served it if he was pouring it! Great on pork, chicken, beef, pizza or as a dip for chips! Like us on Facebook & see recipes at