Honest To Dog Made in USA Facilities, Limited Ingredient, Grain Free Dog Treats; Crispy Cuts Beef Recipe - 30 oz. Pouch

Offer your dog Honest to Dog Crispy Cuts Beef Recipe Accented With Blueberries dog treats, and give him a tasty, natural recipe he's sure to thank you for. This recipe starts with real beef as the first ingredient, and it also contains good-for-you ingredients to make treat time fun and delicious. Accents of blueberries round out this recipe, adding extra goodness to every nibble. The crispy texture brings extra fun to treat time, and the savory flavors deliver more of what your dog wants in his treats. With a protein-rich recipe, your dog gets a yummy treat option he can't wait to bite into. These scrumptious Honest to Dog Crispy Cuts dog treats help you make the most of the everyday moments you share with your canine companion, whether you give him one as a thank-you for always being by your side or as a reward for learning a new trick. Make treat time a perfectly paw-pleasing experience when you offer Honest to Dog Crispy Cuts Beef Recipe Accented With Blueberries dog treats to your furry friend. This natural dog treat features limited ingredients you can trust along with a grain-free formula that delivers on taste without adding ingredients you don't want in your dog's diet. He's sure to adore the delectable flavor and texture combination, while you can rest easy knowing he's getting a treat that boasts good-for-you ingredients in every bite. Offer one of these treats between meals to give your dog an extra burst of happiness, or use it to reinforce his good behavior each day. These yummy dog treats come packaged in a resealable pouch, so you can bring a handful of the crispy treats on walks, to the dog park or to anywhere he wants to roam. Make treat time even more interesting by alternating between this recipe and one of the other equally delicious Honest to Dog recipes. With both crispy and tender options available in a range of flavors, there's a treat that's perfect for his every craving. Honest to Dog recipes are inspired by the relationship you have with your best buddy, and every recipe delivers delicious taste that never disappoints along with simple, natural ingredients. Set aside time in your busy schedule to serve up a treat, and let your dog know just how important your bond with him is to you. As part of Purina’s commitment to you and your pet and always with a focus on quality, these dog treats are produced in USA facilities to give you added reassurance. Watch your dog flip head over paws when you tear open a pouch of Honest to Dog Crispy Cuts Beef Recipe Accented With Blueberries dog treats, and show him just how much you care about his happiness. Natural dog treats Grain-free recipe Limited ingredients Real beef is the first ingredient Protein-rich treats with crispy and crunchy texture Delicious taste dogs love Packaged in a convenient pouch